Wednesday, September 28, 2011

November Mini Sessions!

Ok, these are your last chance at mini sessions for the fall or for your Christmas card photo!!

The sessions will be Sunday November 6th and Sunday November 13th at Bauman Farms outside Gervais. These are both days that the farm is closed so we can walk around a little & do your photos, or if it is bad weather we will be able to do them in their big greenhouse--we'll stay warm & dry while still having the natural light of the outdoors :) I will be bringing out props and setting up a couple of different things regardless of the weather so there will definitely be great photos :)

The sessions will be the same deal as the September set:

20 minute sessions for $75 which will include all of the images on a disc, edited and back to you within 3 weeks. Average disc last year contained 40-50 finished photos :)

the session times are as follows:

November 6th

9:00 {booked}
9:30 {booked}
10:00 {booked}
10:30 {booked}
11:00 {booked}
11:30 {booked}
12:30 {booked}
1:00 {booked}
1:30 {booked}
2:00 {booked}
2:30 {booked}
3:00 {booked}
3:30 {booked}

November 13th

9:00 {booked}
9:30 {booked}
10:00 {booked}
10:30 {booked}
11:00 {booked}
11:30 {booked}
12:30 {booked}
1:00 {booked}
1:30 {booked}
2:00 {booked}
3:00 {booked}
3:30 {booked}

Payment is due the day of the session :-)

Please message/text/email me with the time you would like and I will mark it as booked!

here are some photos from the Sept sessions!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Family Mini Sessions!

It's that time of year!! ♥
I wanted to do two sets of mini sessions this year so we could (hopefully) at least get one of them in nice weather {pleeease pray for the weather for this day lol}
This is for everyone that I needs family photos this year {for your Christmas cards and/or your walls..}
I will list the available time slots below, more can be added if they all fill up.

The details are as follows:
... Your family will have a 20 min session with me, we will take as many shots as we can and you will get them all on a disc within 3 weeks. We will focus on getting the whole family first and then can do some different things like just the kids or just the parents, etc... :)
The cost will be $75.00.
The location is amazing....look up Vanderbeck Valley Farm or also search for them on facebook for some photos and please keep them in mind if you need a place for an event in the future! ♥

I know this is Oktoberfest weekend :(
These won't take long so that shouldn't be a problem for most of you :)

Available Times:
10:00 {booked}
10:20 {booked}
10:40 {booked}
2:00 {booked}
3:00 {booked}
3:20 {booked}

please contact me as soon as you are interested and have picked a time so I can write you in :) I will then update the available times.
If you have a baby in your family under 1 year old, you may want to wait for the later set of sessions {tentatively set for Nov 6} since your baby may change a lot between Sept and when you send your cards out.
Any other questions, please ask! ♥

THANK YOU ALL! I *CANNOT* wait to do these for you! I am planning some great props and ideas to accompany the already gorgeous location ♥

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parker Kiddos

This shoot was way too cute not to get it's own blog post!
Jordyn & Austin are super cute versions of their mama & dad :)
and they're pretty hilarious too!
Jordyn is a natural model...she basically posed herself the whole time

i hope her dad is ready for the boys to come knocking!

Austin certainly kept me laughing :)

Special thanks to the Abbotts for letting us use their old cars!! :)

I promise i'll try to post more of what I've been working on, there really is a lot I've just been so busy...which is great! :)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Davis Wedding

June 12, 2010
Nat & Lindsey Davis were married at Abiqua Estates outside Silverton. It was quite lovely if i do say so myself :-)
[make sure and click on each photo for the best view] ;)
i like that photographers call this "The Hardware" :)
and what amazing hardware it is!

a little 'hole in one' before the big show..

this is exactly the reaction i hope for every time :)

they do photograph quite nicely.

tree-lined drive? yes please.

i like a wedding party with humor.

they suggested this one and it turned out great.
The look on Jordon's [2nd from right] face is priceless ha ha

beautiful flowers by the amazing Linda Butsch

in leiu of a unity candle, the couple had their mothers release butterflies :)

yes. i did partake in the candy table.
[i needed to....later that night i photographed an all night grad party]

YUM. cake.

this little guy enjoyed some berries :)

beautiful location.
AND, i got quite the workout on those stairs!

the dance they chose for their wedding party to join them in?
"head, shoulders, knees and toes..... "

it's stuck in your head now, isn't it??

and another classic to end the night with.......